2nd International conference "Modern Culture and Communication" (MCC-2020)
Saint Petersburg, Russia, October 14-16, 2020


Saint-Petersburg State University
University of Wroclaw


Modern Culture and Communication

2ndInternational Conference Modern Culture and Communication, MCC-2020

14-16 October 2020 Saint Petersburg (Russia)

We invite you to participate in the first International Conference «Modern Culture and Communication, MCC-2020», which is going to be held at the St Petersburg University, Russia, October 14-16, 2020. The conference is organized by the University of Wroclaw (Poland) and St. Petersburg State University (Russia). The working language of the conference is English.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss topical issues of cultural transformation in the context of developing ways of communication, which are the product of the modern information society. The target audience includes researchers of trends in the development of various aspects of the culture of modern society, university professors, employees of research organizations, graduate students and students.

In 2020, the main topicof the conference is "Biography and memory of culture". The social significance and relevance of this topic is due to the need to understand the processes of globalization, the crisis of historical consciousness and the need to develop new predictive approaches to the study of forms of cultural identity.  The conference will discuss the results of the following studies: cultural memory, identity, biography as a form of expression of cultural memory in a holistic communicative space of modern culture. The proposed topic reveals the features of the processes of identification and self-identification in modern culture, their connection with the preservation and translation of cultural memory, as well as the role of modern forms of communication in these processes.

It is proposed to participate in the discussion of the following main thematic areas:

In addition to the main topic, the conference program includes the following areas of research:

Participants of the conference are required to attend the conference personally, participation in absentia is not permitted.

Conference fees:

For publication on the results of participation in the conference accepted scientific papers in English language, not previously published and not submitted for consideration at other conferences, journals and other publications. All materials submitted to the conference are reviewed by members of the MCC program Committee or invited experts. 

Conference program (download PDF)