4th International conference "Modern Culture and Communication" (MCC-2023)
18-20 October 2023, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Saint-Petersburg State University
University of Wroclaw

Image and Communication

1st International Conference Modern Culture and Communication (MCC-2019)

8-10 June 2019. Wroclaw (Poland)

The first International Conference «Modern Culture and Communication, MCC-2019» was held at the University of Wroclaw, Poland, June 8-10, 2019. The conference was organized by the University of Wroclaw (Poland) and St. Petersburg State University (Russia).

The purpose of the conference was to discuss topical issues of cultural transformation in the context of developing ways of communication, which are the product of the modern information society. The target audience includes researchers of trends in the development of various aspects of the culture of modern society, university professors, employees of research organizations, graduate students and students.

In 2019, the main topic of the conference was “Image and Communication”. As part of this topic, there was discussed problems of image formation in the space of modern communication, the impact of human involvement in modern communication practices on the transformation of cultural space, aesthetic aspects of image representation through modern communication practices. The actualization of the problematic field of modern communication is intended by the conference organizers to be a cross-disciplinary research area, where various methods and approaches of human and natural sciences are welcome – from the sociological, linguistic, statistical analysis to a biological, medical and philosophical one. Modern communication, as a phenomenon inherently having an archetypal meaning, can be elaborated with the help of scientists from various fields of academic knowledge and interest.